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Sustainable Plumbing Solutions is a small business with a focus on exceptional customer service, professional workmanship where we only use quality materials / products.

Our team are qualified plumbers who are professional and knowledgeable so we can maintain our high standards.

Our Director

Brent Papadopoulos, Managing Director of Sustainable Plumbing Solutions has been awarded Greenplumber of the year 3 times and nominated a further 2 years.

Brent enjoys camping, fishing and exploring Australia by 4 wheel drive.



Solar Hot Water

With advances in technology, and mounting costs for electricity more people within Victoria are choosing to install Solar Hot Water systems.

Reducing your household's energy consumption by up to 75% of your current water heating costs. An average family would reduce their entire households energy consumption between 15-25% annually.

Utilising the sun's, clean, inexhaustible energy through Solar collectors mounted on the roof, which then heats the water that flows through the systems. Once the water is heater it is transferred to a storage tank ready for use around the home or office.

Flat Panel Solar Systems

• Latest Technology
• Extremely effective in overcast conditions

Evacuated Tube Solar Systems

• Cost effective
• Works best with direct sunlight

Plumbing Services

Sustainable Plumbing Solutions offers a full range of plumbing solutions for your home or business from general plumbing to solar hot water, rainwater harvesting and Greywater treatment. During our onsite consultations we establish your needs and tailor make a cost effective plumbing system that achieves your individual goals. Offer a full service from consultation right through to installation and maintenance, we can handle the whole project including any sub-contracters that maybe required. In addition to this all our staff are qualified plumbers, not sales people, who can answer any questions you have and advise you on various products on the market.

We are the preferred suppliers and dealers for many leading Australian plumbing manufacturers, meaning that we have both the experience, specalised training and understanding to ensure a smooth and problem free installation of many complex plumbing systems.

With current government rebates in place there is no better time to convert to environmental plumbing and save yourself money and water!

Greywater Systems

The average Australian home has the capacity to reuse over 70% of mains water consumed. By installing a greywater system within your home you can reduce your water usage easily and safely.

There are two types of Greywater systems: treatment and diverters. A greywater diverter is a fantastic and low price system that will enable you to reuse grey water (from basins & the laundry) to water your garden via a sub-surface irrigation system.

A treatment system will allow you to collect water to recycle and store for reuse both within the home and garden. Installing a treatment system is a long term solution that ensures your water consumption is drastically reduced. When combined with a rainwater harvesting system we have made your average metro family home totally water sufficient reducing their water consumption by over 95%

We are the Supplier & Service provider for Nubian Water Systems - Greywater treatment system.

We service all Nubian GT600 greywater treatment systems accross Victoria, NSW & the ACT

We carry a full range of parts for all domestic & commercial systems.

With over 200 Systems installed within Australia Nubian is Australia's Leader in Recycled water treatment.

All Nubian greywater recycling systems are automatic, chemical-free and require no intervention by the system’s owner. Nubian’s planned maintenance program together with an advanced, continuous on-line water quality monitoring system provides peace of mind for the system’s owner and for regulators.

Nubian systems are very compact and easy to install making them ideal for retrofitting of domestic and commercial buildings. They can recycle from 500 up to 100,000 litres of greywater a day.

Rainwater Harvesting

A simple and effective solution to provide Australian’s with the freedom of an unlimited water supply. Traditionally seen in rural areas with limited supply to mains water, many people living in large city areas are fast learning both the cost and environmental benefits of harvesting rainwater.

Filtered rainwater can be used within the house for showers, the washing machine, to flush the toilet, even for drinking, as well as for use in the garden whether it be sprinklers or in a swimming pool.

We design plumbing systems that will enable you to use harvested rainwater in any area that you might use mains water for, and in many cases to even re-use that water again in the garden.

Metal or poly tanks are available in slimline or round, ensuring that no mater how small your space we will be able to find one to fit, and each type of tank has different benefits.

Poly Rainwater Tanks

• Cost effective
• Lots of standard sizes
• Variety of colours

Metal Rainwater Tanks

• Attractive
• Size can be easily customised
• Can be colour matched

Underground Rainwater Tanks

• Out of sight
• Large storage capacity
• Rarely needs cleaning

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Client List

In addition to our domestic clients, Sustainable Plumbing Solutions has completed work for many well known businesses, government organisations, community groups and schools.  A small selection of our clients are:




Cooper Newman Real Estate

Energy Conservation Systems

Hocking Stuart Real Estate


Lonsdale Apartments

Solar Systems

United Rail Group

Van Leeuwen Green

Yarra Valley Water




Banyule City Council

City of Boroondara

City of Whitehorse

Department of Sustainability & Environment

Manningham City Council

Maroondah City Council

Melbourne Water

Monnee Valley City Council

Sustainability Victoria

Treasury Place



Aboriginal Advancement League

Alamein Learning Centre

Brunswick South West Primary School

Carnegie Primary School

Gladstone Park Primary School

Mount Scopus


Northcote Primary School

Northcote High School

Preston Girls Secondary College

Ruthven Primary School

Sacred Heart Primary School

Samaritan Catholic College

Shelford Girls Grammer

Silverton Primary School

Solway Primary School

Swinburne University of Technology



Britten Builders

Canny Builders

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